Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. Chicks
stronger.braver.FIGHTER is a lifestyle brand of hand-printed apparel created for women who are recreating themselves.
lifestyle apparel, lifestyle gear, women's apparel, women's lifestyle apparel
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Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. CHICKS

a woman who lives by the Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. philosophy

embodies and taps into her innate inner strength each and every day

she lives by it

she lives through it

it drives her ambitions and fuels her dreams

she accepts that life is tough, but she doesn’t look for the easy way out

instead, she embraces it, and just shows life that she’s tougher

that’s why she challenges herself every day and fights to earn every victory

no matter how small

why she doesn’t back down, even when she’s afraid

why she moves forward, even when she doubts herself

why she keeps going, even when she sees she’s making no progress

why she gets right back up when she’s been knocked down

why she refuses to surrender, to be the victim or the sheep

she bows down to no one

she doesn’t want or need anyone to lean on, to tell her what to do

or to control her

when she’s told she can’t, she does it anyway

she was born to fly

she makes no apologies

she doesn’t accept mediocrity or conformity

she’s no rebel

she just marches to the beat of her own drum

regardless of whom it pleases or pisses off

she takes chances

she doesn’t look for sympathy

she doesn’t expect accolades

she’s her own hero

she’s humble

she works hard in silence and lets her success make all the noise

she’s legit

and she doesn’t kiss ass . . . she kicks it