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Being Extraordinary

7 Keys to Being Extraordinary

Being extraordinary isn’t for everyone. But it isn’t out of reach for anyone either. It’s not reserved for the rich, the famous, the beautiful, or any other group or demographic. Anyone can be extraordinary, if that’s what they desire....

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The Unlimited Power of Benevolence

I was reading a book called Scar Tissue recently for the second time, which is the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. And one particular story in the book brought a smile to my face. Here’s a series...

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Life Wisdom

7 Pearls of Wisdom for Living a Fulfilling Life

It’s amazing to look around at the people you come across in life and observe just how different their life experiences have been. Some are filled with an immense joy of living, while others seem to have been beaten down and disillusioned by life....

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Awesome Life

25 Keys to Creating an Awesome Life

It’s common knowledge that if you want to be successful at something, you have to work at it. And life is no exception. If you don’t make the effort to intentionally create an awesome life for yourself, then life will just “happen” to you. And odds...

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Self Confidence

7 Keys to Killer Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is one of those intangible qualities that has a huge influence on the quality of your life. It directly affects how people treat you, how many opportunities come your way in life, how happy you are, how great you dare to become in your lifetime,...

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Growing Up

When Growing Up Isn’t all it’s Cracked Up to Be

Do you remember the last time you called someone immature, or told someone to grow up? Chances are, they would have been pretty offended. Maybe even pissed off. Why is that? Well, it’s because, as adults, we pride ourselves on being “mature”, or “grown-up”. Society sees these qualities...

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