ABOUT Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. is an motivational lifestyle brand and media platform for women whose grit has been put to the test by life.

Many of us know first hand how life can deal a hand that cripples us and makes us question how we can possibly keep going.

But whether we realise it or not, we all have the strength within us to do just that.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.’s mission is to foster a sisterhood that empowers women to harness that strength and never give up, and that honours their unstoppable warrior spirit.


Our products are designed to symbolise a woman’s strength and unbreakable spirit in the face of adversity.

Their objective is to both encourage her through life’s battles and to remind her of what she’s made of.

They’re personal badges of honour.

But our vision for Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. is to create much more than meaningful products.

It’s to empower women to be unstoppable warriors, by providing the mental tools, resources, and inspiration from those who have themselves walked the path.

Our sisterhood is one of unbreakable women who have overcome or are overcoming life’s toughest challenges, standing strong together and supporting one another.

ORIGINS OF Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.
is a phrase that was born out of my own personal journey
from weakness and repression to finding myself,
to creating a new, strong and powerful me,
and to facing and overcoming some of life’s most challenging tests.

In life and in competition, success isn’t always about winning.
It’s about achieving what you never thought you were capable of.
About working hard and never giving up.
About always being in the fight, until the fight is done.
That’s what our Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. brand stands for.

When life draws us into troubled waters and tests our character
it’s easy to doubt ourselves and lose hope.
Our brand’s mission is to be the voice that whispers,
“Girl, you’re unbreakable . . .
you’ve got this.”

– Gloria.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. WOMEN

a woman who lives by the Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. philosophy

embodies and taps into her innate inner strength each and every day

she accepts that life can be tough, and when it is

she doesn’t look for the easy way out . . .


The woman represents feminine physical beauty, self-pride and strength.

Her tattoo is of a phoenix, a legendary bird that is reborn as it rises from the ashes.

It represents new life and re-creating oneself.

The phoenix coming off her body symbolises the fact that it’s alive and unrestrained.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. Logo


Gloria is no stranger to overcoming hard times of her own. Growing up in a repressive society and surviving the fallout of a catastrophic arranged marriage, she finally moved to Australia to start a new life. There she became a teacher, entrepreneur and Figure athlete before starting Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. in 2014. After a false start her plans were derailed by a 3-year bout of severe depression, including a failed suicide attempt. Now, post recovery, her story continues . . .



Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.’s primary focus is on building a tribe of women who are not only fighting their own battles, but standing shoulder to shoulder supporting one another in the process. Our culture is one in which no woman is left behind to fight life’s battles alone.


We're not just about our products. Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.’s mission is to empower women to overcome life's most formidable challenges, and a key component of that is education. So that's where a major part of our focus is. We dedicate ourselves to arming our tribe with the mental tools, strategies and skills they need, because forging mental toughness is what we're about.


Sitting back, doling out encouragement from the comfort of a lounge chair is pretty easy. But as well-meaning as those words may be, they're hollow. Our philosophy is that the people best qualified to have someone's back are those who have walked the walk. Those who have fought and overcome. Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. was born out of Gloria's time in the trenches in her own life. And the foundation of our brand is built upon the shoulders of warriors like these.


Our goal isn’t and never will be to follow trends or follow the crowd. Appearances and superficial popularity don’t mean anything to us. Substance does. All of our products and the messages they carry mean something to us personally and represent who we are and what we stand for.


Do the right thing. It’s a pretty simple mindset to hold, and it’s one that we hold sacred. We do the right thing by our customers, by each other, and by whoever we happen to be dealing with. It’s not just about empathy and respect for other people, it’s also about being proud of how we carry ourselves as human beings, both in business and life in general.


We are eternal optimists. We believe there’s no mountain too high to climb, and no sea too rough to sail. If you throw enough darts at the board, even with your eyes closed you'll hit the bullseye sooner or later. When we just keep trying, anything is possible.


Our favourite expression. It comes from the U.S. Navy SEALs’ motto, and it sums up our mindset perfectly. It means to never quit from a challenge. To never give up. When you’re engaged in one of life’s tough battles, you never lay down and throw in the towel. You keep fighting to the very end. This value is embedded in our very name – strength, bravery, fighting to the end.


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