Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. WOMEN

a woman who lives by the Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. philosophy

embodies and taps into her innate inner warrior each and every day

she accepts that life can be tough, and when it is

she doesn’t look for the easy way out

instead she embraces it

and just shows life that she’s tougher

she fights to earn every victory, no matter how small

she doesn’t ever back down, even when she’s afraid

she moves forward, even when she doubts herself

and she keeps going, even when she sees she’s making no progress

when she’s been knocked down, she gets right back up

she refuses to surrender, or to be the victim

even when she’s the long shot

she’s never out of the fight

she doesn’t look for sympathy or accolades

she’s her own hero

she works hard in silence

and lets her victories make all the noise