WHAT IS Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.?

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. is a blog and lifestyle brand

for women who have been tested by life

who have embraced the struggle and refuse to quit . . .

women who are never out of the fight


ABOUT Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER.

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. is a phrase that was born out of my own personal journey
from weakness and repression to finding myself,
to creating a new, strong and powerful me . . .

Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. WOMEN

a woman who lives by the Stronger. Braver. FIGHTER. philosophy

embodies and taps into her innate inner strength each and every day

she accepts that life can be tough, and when it is

she doesn’t look for the easy way out . . .


the woman represents feminine physical beauty, self-pride and strength

her tattoo is of a phoenix, a legendary bird that is reborn as it rises from the ashes

it represents new life and re-creating oneself

the phoenix coming off her body symbolizes the fact that it’s alive and unrestrained

Gloria Kaneko


many women go through tough times at one time or another in their life where they lose their identity – bad break-ups, abusive relationships, violence, and so on

I, on the other hand, never had an identity to begin with

that’s because I was taught from an early age that I wasn’t good enough . . .

for anything . . .


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