Cuff Bracelet – “She Runs With the Wolves”


8mm x 2mm brushed stainless steel bracelet with original design – one size fits all.  Accompanied by a complementary set of 3 slimline, minimalist finger/knuckle rings.

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The phrase, “to run with the wolves” means to be untamed, unrestrained, and totally in touch with one’s true nature and natural instincts. It’s an expression that has been widely popularised by the best-selling book, Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.


A woman who runs with the wolves is one who allows herself unbridled freedom to express her true self and live a more “wild” and genuine existence. Not wild as in the common, pejorative interpretation of the word, but wild as in strong and in touch with her intuitive nature, unsuppressed by modern life’s rules and expectations.


Our modern society has a unique ability to stifle the natural human spirit, to repress our dreams, and to coerce us into conforming to accepted behaviours and mindsets. Women in particular have been detached from their natural instincts and connections with spirituality, their emotions, and the planet by male authority and power.


Running with the wolves is about breaking free from this subjugation, getting away from the traps and trappings of the modern world, and mentally and emotionally getting back to one’s true, wild nature again.


Like wolves, wild women are naturally playful, intuitive, caring, nurturing, brave, tough and enduring. The word wild means to live a purely natural, instinctive and untamed existence. Unfortunately, in modern society this word has a strong negative connotation for humans since it goes against the accepted precept of conformity and control.


The phrase, She Runs With the Wolves serves as a reminder to always be true to your genuine self, by following your gut more than your head, by refusing to shrink yourself and suppress your natural intuition and instincts, and by embracing your boldness and strength. It inspires the belief that you should always aspire to be the wildest and bravest of all.

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This cuff bracelet is accompanied by a complementary set of 3 staggered-size, slimline 1mm finger/knuckle rings, specially chosen to accentuate the bracelet's styling.


This bracelet is made of 316L grade stainless steel, which offers a very long-lasting life and appearance. It is highly corrosion resistant and biocompatible, and is therefore often referred to as both marine grade and medical grade stainless steel. This material is commonly used for food preparation surfaces and equipment, maritime environments, body piercings, biomedical implants, and body modification implants. The design is mechanically engraved into the bracelet and highlighted with black enamel jewellery ink.

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